About Ray

Raymond Simmons

I’m Ray Simmons, and I’d be honored to speak to you about confessionalism. I believe confessionalism pleases God and is a way for societies to transition out of curses and into blessings. I think it is time for us to restore this biblical and historic practice.

Just a bit about me. I was raised in Texas and graduated from Texas Tech before becoming a pilot in the Air Force. Traveling around the world made me appreciate Western culture and its roots in Christianity. Toward the end of my career, I was assigned to a staff position and led the planning for USSTRATCOM’s Strategic Deterrence Campaign Plan. I also served as international relations advisor to Admiral Haney. The Lord allowed me to learn some skills in these roles that I hope to use for His Kingdom.

After retiring from the Air Force, I was an adjunct instructor at Air University. My subjects included military strategy, ethics, and leadership. In 2020, I became a Senior Executive Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. In 2021, I published my first book, The Confessional County, and launched a podcast and newsletter titled “The Confessionalists.”

I am so blessed to be married to my wife, Miriam. We live in a 100-year old colonial home in a beautiful Midwest town. I enjoy home-schooling my eight children.

I was blessed to become an elder in my Presbyterian denomination recently. I have completed a pastoral internship under Phillip Kayser, pastor of Dominion Covenant Church and president of Biblical Blueprints. I am pursuing a MDIV at Whitefield Theological seminary.

If there are questions you have about this website or this ministry, please contact me. I may not know the answer, but I know men who probably do. Finally, I would love an opportunity to speak on confessionalism at your event or on your broadcast program if the Lord leads.

Feel free to email me directly: ray@theconfessionalists.com