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the confessional county

Military strategist presents a biblical way to get out from God's judgment and proactively build the second Christendom at the county level. Here is a new case for the old practice of social confessionalism and deliberate Christian settlements.

Conservative Christians are beginning to admit we lost the culture war. Once a nation digresses from committing public sin to shamelessly celebrating it, God has given our culture over to a collective depraved mind. Strategic withdrawal, once considered alarmist and separatist, is now on the table.

For the future of our families and Christian faith in America, many believe it is time to form our own communities. But Simmons recommends a different approach. Rather than communities, he presents a plan to build small civilization–“Local Christendom.” To do this, Simmons presents the lost doctrine of social confessionalism. He pulls from the biblical examples as well as the Scottish Covenanters, the Huguenots, and the early American settlements. All-of-society, through representative heads, confesses and covenants to the reigning King Jesus.

The Confessional Country suggests some Christians move to rural counties to establish Local Christendom. According to the US Census Bureau, 97 percent of the country’s land mass is rural and yet only 19 percent live there. This presents a strategic opportunity for an oblique attack. God recognizes smaller societies as distinct and can bless them if they confess Christ comprehensively, even if while under a cursed nation. The confessional county is well suited to make the “nations” jealous and realize the Kingdom in other counties, our state, and nation.